Aiming at the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 8 and 12, the encounter deals with the issues of economic transformation and questions of sustainable economic perspectives in Germany and Georgia in comparison.

In this context, Goal 4 – quality education – is understood as the basis of the encounter and Goal 8, sustainable economic growth, as the main subject in addition to digital preparatory meetings. Participants will be
encouraged to work together in various workshops during the 8-10 day encounters to develop their own sustainable development, sustainable consumption and sustainable production in various workshops. The findings will be documented photographically and presented to the general public at the end of the project in the form of a photo exhibition, presented to the general public at the end of the project.

Participating means…

  • Knowledge – Learn more about different future developments of sustainable economic perspectives in Germany and Georgia.
  • Besides an exciting encounter in Leipzig/ Germany and one in Tbilisi/Georgia (plus excursion to Oil-University in Azerbaijan)
  • In Germany we plan excursions to high-skilled
  • Intercultural dialogue – Meet people from Germany and Georgia, learn more about their cultures, spend time at group and social activities
  • Photo Documentation Skills – We will provide you with workshops on how to take and edit photos with your smartphone and present them
  • Mini Photo Contest: We will award the best three photo series. Choose a subject you would like to capture and write a short description why you chose your theme and photos.
  • The best three works will be presented on our project website and on Instagram!

Who can apply?

  • Anyone between 20 and 35 years old who is interested in participating in intercultural encounters Germany and Georgia and online workshops who has a current residence in Germany or Georgia.
  • The participation is completely free.
  • Both travels will be organized by the project team. We also provide accommodation and meals for the entire period. NO prior knowledge on the topic is required.
  • Communication language will be English throughout.
  • You own a smartphone.

Travel with us!

We organize two exchanges!
Here are all the dates.
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Application process closed!

Application deadlines:
29/11/2022 Georgian Group
10/01/2023 German Group